Purchase fermented and non fermented Cacao Beans, Nibs, Butter, and Powder Direct from PT Pasti Enak and PT Bali Global in Bali Indonesia for chocolatiers, health supplements, spas, and breweries retail and wholesale orders welcome.

Organic /  Raw / Fermented / Sun Dried Beans

Located in Bali Indonesia PT Pasti Enak is in a prime location to grow some of the best single origin flavor cacao beans in the world. With an extensive background in agriculture and food production our management and staff are able to consistently grow high grade cacao beans and produce high quality cacao products. 

Wholesale Orders Bulk Purchase  
Minimum order 100 kilos please contact
sales@pastienak.com for shipping information. To review our current prices please use the following link: Current Wholesale Cacao Prices

Retail Orders 
Minimum order 22 pounds / 10 kilos.
Current Retail Cacao Prices.

A current list of our Cacao Beans and Cacao products is listed below

Cacao Beans fermented and non fermented, butter, nibs and powder direct from PT Pasti Enak and PT Bali Global in Bali Indonesia. Roasted and Non Roasted products available in 2-45 kilo bags and 5-10 kg plastic pails. Wholesale and retail orders welcome, minimum order requirement 5 kg. Pictured here are two pods from our farm in Bali Indonesia.

Non Fermented Cacao Beans
Non Fermented Cacao Nibs
Fermented Cacao Beans
Fermented Cacao Nibs

Cacao Powder
Cacao Butter

Buy Chocolate / Cacao for making beer, to learn more please use this link to access information on whole cacao in  powdered form.

Pictured to right samples of non fermented beans (left) and fermented beans (right).


About our cacao products

All of our products are 100% organic.

We grow "Cacao Mulia" a Trinitario cocoa that has been further cross bread with Criollo to bring out more of the original Criollo characteristics. 

We do not use any child labor in any part of our operation! We provide our staff with education loans and scholarships for themselves and their children.

Ninety percent of our beans are Sun dried with solar dryers to a moisture content of 8.5 - 7%.  Only in times where natural conditions are unfavorable do we use our electric dryers.

Our fermented cacao products are masterly fermented to consistently bring out the best flavors possible.

We comply with the Indonesian standards for Cacao production. 

Our A1-Select beans exceed the standards set by the Indonesian government.

We do not produce chocolates as this is an art that we prefer to leave to professional and hobby chocolatiers.


Please send your request to sales@pastienak.com

PT Pasti Enak Jl Rama Kungkung Bali Indonesia.
PT Bali Global JL Tukad Irawadi Denpasar Bali Indonesia.
Strategic Hospitality Inc Miami USA.
Nusantara Hawaii LLC.


All orders are shipped directly from our packing facility in Klungkung Bali Indonesia. 

Samples are shipped by either Postal Airmail or UPS. Postal Airmail shipments take 1-4 weeks for delivery where UPS deliveries take 5-7 days.

Wholesale orders are shipped by either LCL , Less Container Load, or FCL Full Container Load from our packing facility to the port or customs bonded warehouse closest to your location. Our cacao beans are usually imported as duty free but you will need to either clear the goods through customs yourself or hire a customs broker to handle the import for you. Delivery from the port or customs bonded warehouse is not included in our shipping rates so please take notice that you will need to handle the delivery from the port to your door. LCL shipments take from 8-10 weeks for delivery. FLC shipments take from 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Why don't we make chocolates?

The processes of farming , harvesting, fermentation, drying, milling, pressing and packaging are art forms that take a great amount of time and care. By concentrating on producing the best raw products available we contribute to the production of some of the best chocolates in the world. Without high quality raw ingredients it is impossible for anyone to make high quality chocolates! So we concentrate on producing high quality raw products and let others make high quality chocolates from them. Dividing the artistry of high quality Chocolate production into two parts results in the best possible chocolates.

Who Uses Our Cacao Products?

Although our client list is private we can tell you that we supply Chocolate companies, Candy Companies, Cosmetic Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Spa Companies, Health Supplement Companies, Breweries, and Private Individuals.

Cacao Books

A selection of Chocsolate and Cacao books featuring much more than recipies. Learn about the History, Processing, and Benifits of Chocolate from these great books.

If you are an existing Cacao Beans customer please use this link to access your contract and shipment / order information. Please be sure to have your customer identification number or contract number from your invoice ready. If you would like to contact us regarding a future order or if you would like to arrange a custom order please email us at the email address listed above.